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7 Things to Do Inside Your Home Before Selling

During these winter months, here are 7 Things to Do Inside Your Home Before Selling that will help bring top dollar offers:

1. Declutter. Removing all the excess clutter from every space will not only clean it up but show buyers how much space is in the home. Leave no closet, cabinet or drawer left undone. (Yes, sometimes buyers look even when you don’t think they will). Sort items you are not keeping in the house into 4 piles: give away, sell, throw away, store it offsite.

2. Depersonalize. Remove any pictures, certificates, etc. that contain personal information. The idea is that the buyer sees themselves in this space, not you.

3. De-grime. Yes, that dreaded deep clean that seems so daunting leaves the home sparkling and inviting to prospective buyers. This means the windows, baseboard and doorframes, ceiling fan blades, oven and yes, even wipe down the refrigerator. Buyers look at these details as an indicator of good overall home maintenance.

4. Paint. Never underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color. While you may love bright colors, most buyers prefer to view homes in a neutral palette. Instead, use artwork and décor to create pops of color throughout the house.

5. Bathroom updates. I’ll say it: replace the toilet seats and if the shower curtain is less than, um, brand-new looking, either remove it or replace it. Which leads to….

6. Clean the tile, re-grout and caulk where necessary. Mold and mildew send the signal that the home is not cared for and this can reflect in number of offers and offer price.

7. Having already decluttered and cleaned, keep personal toiletries off the countertops in the bathroom.

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Next time, we will talk about 7 Things You Can Do Outside to Boost Curb Appeal.

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