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Is It Time To Move?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Monica Collins, REALTOR®, SRES

It may be time to move if:

1. You Dream of Living Elsewhere

Do you daydream about living in a different home? Do you long to be some location that isn't where you are right now? Does your home meet your current needs? Does it lack the features you most want? Do you feel the connections to your neighbors are not what they “used to be”? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is time to find a place that checks more, if not all, of your boxes.

2. You are out of space.

At move-in, your home felt like it had massive space. Now you realize that the kitchen lacks storage, and your bedroom closet is not as big as you thought. Your family may have grown since you first moved in, and you struggle to keep orderly spaces due to the gathering accumulation from years of living. You may have even considered (or obtained) a rented storage space nearby. These are signs that the house is no longer working for you.

3. You no longer use rooms or floors in your home.

That two-story home was perfect when your family was growing up and has provided lovely memories. But now the children are gone, and there are fewer reasons for you to visit certain areas of the house. Those stairs can pose a trip hazard at any age. Meanwhile, you are heating and cooling those unused spaces. And quite frankly, you would really like to have the laundry upstairs rather than the basement.

4. Maintaining your home is your second full-time job.

What started out as pride of ownership in your beautiful home has turned into spending all your free time doing yard work or maintenance projects, instead of enjoying your home. Perhaps some chores are now less attractive to do yourself due to physical limitations, yet you hesitate to hire someone to complete them. It is ok to realize that your current living situation is no longer works for you. A lower-maintenance home could be a huge relief.

5. Your home feels like a money pit—things keep breaking!

The furnace lasted 22 years before it broke down, but it died when you had a houseful of guests in 20-degree weather! The water heater clunked out a week later. The seals on the windows are breaking, leaving cloudy windows, and the roof is one hailstorm away from leaking. Oh, and the shared wood fence in the backyard has termites and the neighbor wants to replace it this coming spring. Maintaining your home has zapped your budget, so you will not get to the more fun decorating and updating you had hoped to do because you are going to be paying for maintenance. Is the universe letting you know something?

The decision to move requires thoughtful consideration. If you are not sure the time is right, or want to explore the possibility, I am happy to guide you through various scenarios to help you produce a solid strategy. Preparing your home to sell and get top dollar requires a plan, and I will be with you every step of the way. Let's talk!

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